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School Supplies

school supply lists header text with image of multicolored school supplies in background

5th Grade List

1 large heavy duty supply bag 
2 dozen pencils 
2 2-pocket plastic folders with brads 
2 packages of map pencils 
1 1in binder 
1 pkg 8 tab dividers 
1 plastic covered 5 subject spiral with pockets (math) 
1 composition notebook 100 pages (social studies) 
1 composition notebook 100 pages (science) 
2 pkg Crayola crayons (24 count) 
2 pkg Crayola markers 
2 bottles of glue 
1 pair of scissors 
3 boxes of Kleenex 
1 roll of tape 
2 pkg of wide-ruled notebook paper 
1- 4 count pkg dry-erase markers
1 set of earbuds to use throughout the year in core classes and technology

6th Grade List

1 three-subject spiral 
1 zipper pouch/supply bag
1 pair Earbuds
2 composition notebooks
2 pkgs pencils
1 handheld pencil sharpener
2 pkgs markers
2 pkgs map pencils 
1 pair of scissors 
2 bottles of glue 
2 pkgs of glue sticks 
2 rolls of clear tape 
2 boxes of Kleenex 
2 red pens 
1 each plastic folder with pockets (no brads) blue, green, orange, red, and yellow 
1 black plastic pocket folder with brads 
1 pkg of black dry-erase markers